Architecture WhatsApp group link

There is a lot of architecture in the world and they had a lot of groups where they can share a lot of informative content related to architecture. Everyone wants to be connected with their community, there are a lot of platforms for making such community-specific groups, here you will be able to find the WhatsApp group links related to the architecture community.

There are a lot of architecture group links mentioned below, you can join these groups link easily, and these groups are active and the members are of helping nature.

If you are an architect or if you want to be an architect, these groups will be very useful for you. There are a lot of talented architects in these groups, they will help you And they will also guide you, you can share your doubts related to architecture in these groups.

Guidelines for Architecture Whatsapp groups

Every WhatsApp group has certain guidelines, rules that should be followed by the members, some common guidelines for architecture WhatsApp group links that you should follow are:

• you will have to be polite with everyone and you should help each other.

•you should join these groups only if you are an Architecture student or if you are curious about Architecture.

• any type of adult content(pictures, audio, video, documents, or other files) must not be shared on these groups.

• you should contact the group administrator/s if you are facing any problem with the group or with any of the group members.

•there are some group-specific rules made by the administrator/s, that must be followed by you.

• you should not send messages personally to any member of the group without their permission.

• you should not share your confidential information such as mobile number, e-mail, address, date of birth, name, etc in the group.

• you must not share spam content like spam links, messages, etc.•

  • for being in these groups you will have to be an active user.•if you are expecting respect from other members, then you will have to respect all the members.

Architecture WhatsApp group link-

How to join the Architecture WhatsApp group link

Step 1: If you want to join these groups, First of all, click on the links given with the names of the WhatsApp groups. after clicking on the links you will find that the link will be loaded in a new web page in your default browser.

Step 2: After the link is loaded, you will see the name of the group and a ‘join chat’ option below the name of the group, you will have to click on the ‘join chat’ option.

Step 3: Now, After clicking on the ‘join chat’ option your browser will ask permission to open your WhatsApp application, you will have to allow permission to your browser to open the WhatsApp application.

Step 4: After this, the WhatsApp application will be opened, it will take few seconds to load the link, and after few seconds you can see the details of the group.

Step 5: now, click on the ‘join group’ option, after doing this you will be a member of the group, and you will see a message ‘you joined using this group’s invite link’.


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