Be alert! Know the Reality of D-mart Free gift Viral message on Whatsapp

Be alert! Know the Reality of D-mart Free gift Viral message on Whatsapp

Most of the Viral messages on whatsapp are full of false information. and these days a similar message is going viral, in which it is claimed that on the 20th anniversary of D-Mart, company giving to the people a free gift of Rs 10,000.

This message is spreading like a fire. But the Hyderabad Police says that by clicking on this Message link your account can be emptied, That’s why we are here to telling you the shocking reality of this message.

When you received a D-mart free gift message,  if you click on the given link to get your free gift, this will take you to a web page.

On this page you will see the spin wheel image, you need to spin the wheel as per the instructions to get your ₹10,000.

When you spin it, a few seconds later the message comes on the screen that share this message with your 5- 10 friends to get your free gift.

You have been asked to forward this message until the blue bar on the screen becomes full.

Let us tell you that this method of getting free gifts on WhatsApp is quite old. And Cheaters use this method to cheat people, to hack their mobile and steal their personal data.

Therefore cyber security experts always advise you not to click on such a link and be safe.

But those who do not know, come under the pretense of these attractive free gifts, that’s the reason, We keep getting reports about Losing money in newspapers.

Responding to D-Mart Viral Message, the cyber cell of Hyderabad made people aware about this message on Twitter.

the purpose behind making people aware is to convey them about these fake messages. Because any company will not Going to give you any gifts on whatsapp So do not click on such free Gift links.

Valentine 7 day free Taj hotel offer

Let us know that this year, just before Valentine’s week, a message is being forwarded on WhatsApp. On this message You have being told that this Valentine’s Day Taj hotel gives you the opportunity to stay in Taj Hotel free for 7 days.

A link was also provided with this message. This link wss like the rest of the above messages, which is only intended to cheat people,

When taj Hotel got this fake message,  they shared the reality of this viral messages through their Twitter page.

They said that we are not offering any such facility, make sure do not click on such links

Such types of messages goes viral on Whatsapp.

This Trend of forwarding such viral messages is very old.

During the recent Amazon Great Indian Sale, to rob people, Spammers made a fake link and promote it with the name of free gift of Amazon Great Indian Sale.

As soon as you click on this type of link, they get what they want.

Many times hackers and criminals ask users to submit their names in order to collect personal data before giving free gifts.

in the greed of free gifts without thinking a second users share their personal information, later hackers used this information according to their needs.

Aware people to stop these viral Messages

If you are already familiar with such Messages,  it is important to make people aware about these messages so they can stay away from such messages.

Because By clicking on these spammy links, the accumulated capital can be destroyed in 1 minute.


Now you may know the Reality and Black truth about D-mart free gift Message. Also we have shared the information about the loss of money with these fake sms.

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