Bhutan Whatsapp Group Links

” Bhutan” a small country near the Himalayas Famous for its Monasteries, this country is full of natural beauty, But still many people don’t know about this country.

Did You may know that this country has been isolated from the world for centuries for its culture and natural preservation.

If you want to get acquainted with the people of this country, and their culture, So keep reading! here we are sharing some useful Bhutan WhatsApp group links for you.

Mostly Buddhist people are found in Bhutan, this country is adjacent to India and China. Trees and forests are seen in more than 60% of the places in this mountainous country, There was a ban on the use of plastic bags in this country since the year 1999.

Despite not being financially strong, this country has a speciality that most of its people are happy, so this country is known for its innovative Gross National Happiness Index,

People love to plant trees in Bhutan, considering the trees as a symbol of prosperity, a large number of trees are planted here. n the year 2015,  By planting 50,000 trees in just 1 hour Bhutan Set a new record in Guinness World Book

Rules for joining a Bhutan group

  • People only from Bhutan are allowed to join
  • Respecting everyone is necessary abusive or vulgar language strictly prohibited
  • if you send any type of spam message or link in the group, You can be excluded From a group.
  • You can’t share your personal story or things in these groups
  • You may not change any group info without group permission

if you follow these terms and condition you can join any group via the below link

Bhutan Whatsapp Group Links


How to join the Bhutan WhatsApp group link?

To join the Bhutan group, first you need to select the particular group which you want to join

Then click on the joining link provided

Now WhatsApp app will be automatically launched on your mobile

And you will see a popup which says you to join group, so hit that button

Now you are a member of this group! You can share or receive anything relevant to the group

Tips while joining Bhutan WhatsApp group link

As we have mentioned the group rules so in order to stay connected with these groups you should strictly follow these rules

send or share any link According to the interest of Bhutan people, don’t forward too many messages to these group it may be annoying for other group members.

Also if you have any query related to a group then you can send the details via message to group admin, we hope you will have a good time on these groups.


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