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Every year millions of students prepare for the CAT exam across the country. as this exam gives the opportunity to pursue MBA/PGDM programmes. So In this article, we are sharing useful CAT WhatsApp group link to help you to do better preparation for this exam.

As soon as this exam arrives, a Large number of candidates do Participate in this online exam, So according to research Currently, it is one of the most competitive exams in the country.

CAT exam is conducted in more than 156 cities of the country. Students enrolled in MBA courses and work hard to clear the CAT exam

Passing this exam in such a competitive phase, not an easy task, in such a situation, people join coaching centres for good preparation, in the other hand those who do not have enough budget also use the Internet.

and if you are one of those who are preparing for the CAT exam with the help of Google or YouTube, then these CAT WhatsApp group can help you to get closer to your success. But before you become a part of any Cat group make sure you know about guidelines.

Rules for joining a CAT WhatsApp group

Joining a Cat exam group is so easy, But first, you have to accept the policies of the group. Which we have discussed below otherwise you have to leave the group.

  • These groups are dedicated to cat students, so only interested people add
  • Only share the information, news or tips related to the cat in the group
  • any kind of religious, political or another type of content will not be accepted in the group. Do not change information of any cat group without admin permission.
  • Only send meaningful messages to a group, some groups do not accept audio messaging
  • If you have any issue with the above terms&conditions or with any member, then you should contact the administrator.

CAT Whatsapp group Link-

How to join a Cat WhatsApp group?

  1. To become a Member of your Favourite cat group just follow the given process on your mobile.
  2. First, Select a cat group from the given list.
  3. Now, Select the joining link option along with the group name.
  4. Then you will see the group icon and details on Whatsapp. Which you have selecTed.
  5. Now in order to join that group select join group button.
  6. Finally, you will become a member of your interests cat group

How to create an invitation link for the group

If you want to add members to your group,  then there is no better way than the Invitation link, you can create an Invitation link for your group in this way.

  1. First, go to your WhatsApp group
  2. Now you can see the group name and subject appearing on the top of the screen
  3. Now from the given option choose invite via link option.
  4. As you do this invitation link will be created
  5. Now you can copy this link or share this where you want.


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