Classmates whatsapp group names

If you are a student and you have created a WhatsApp group to Bring together your classmates, So this written piece will help you to decide the best name for your Whatsapp group, which is dedicated to all of your classmates.

Sinch online internet usage is increasing rapidly, So not only elders but even students are using smartphones for the purpose of education and entertainment

However, the fact is that most students use smartphones more for entertainment than studies but if you are going to form a WhatsApp group for both education and entertainment.

So that all the students can stay connected with each other, then it becomes very important to decide a good name for that group. But many times the name ideas don’t come to our mind. don’t worry, These unique names help to make your group noticeable.

How to choose the Best name for the boy’s Group?

Changing the group name may easy, But Deciding a Unique name can bit hard for you. These tips may help you in this regard.

  • Change the group name& spelling, to create a more unique&stylish name. (use 4ever friends rather than Forever friends)
  • keep it simple&small. So that anyone can easily spell&remember the group name.
  • Use letters&numbers in a group name.
  • see other group names, to get the inspiration for creating an awesome group name.

How to Rename the WhatsApp group?

if you wanna go with your selected group name. Then you can change/edit the group name by following these baby steps.

  • first, launch the Whatsapp app on your android phone.
  • Now search your group, or select the group from the chats tab.
  • now as you entered the group, a group subject will appear at the top of your screen.
  • Tap on it, now select the pencil (edit) icon
  • now type your favourite name in the box.
  • Next, to save changes click the ok button. and the group name will be changed successfully

we do not recommend you to change the group names regularly. Which can be an annoying activity for other members.


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