Eldoret WhatsApp group links

If you are searching for Eldoret WhatsApp group links, you are in the right place. here you will find plenty of Eldoret WhatsApp group links.

If you are fond of making new friends from all over the world, by making new friends from all over the world you can know more about other communities, these groups are very useful for researchers, students, visitors, travellers, etc. You can easily join these WhatsApp group links from the given links below.

Guidelines for joining the Eldoret group –

As you know that every WhatsApp group has a certain rule and regulations, which should be followed by all the group members. in some groups it is mandatory to follow the group rules, if you don’t do so you can be kicked out of the group. Some common guidelines for such WhatsApp groups are:

  •  you will have to be an active user of the group and you should participate in every discussion.
  •  do not send messages to any group member personally without their permission, ask them for doing so first.
  •  No promotion or advertisement should be posted in the group without the permission of the admin.
  •  you should ask the admins before sharing any type of pictures, videos, audios, documents, or links in the group.
  • if you are expecting respect from other group members, then you will have to give respect to all the group members.
  •  Don’t send unnecessary and spammy messages to the group, you may be kicked out of the group.
  •  If you are facing any problem, with any member, message, video, audio, etc then you can contact the group admin.
  •  some guidelines are mentioned in the description of particular WhatsApp groups by the administrators, which should be followed by you.
  • the icon of the group and the name of the group should not be altered by the members without the permission of administrators.
  • content related to a specific religion must not be sent to the group, you should respect all the religions.
  • don’t post any type of personal videos/YouTube in the group.
  • adult content/videos should not be shared in the group.

Eldoret WhatsApp group links-

How to join Eldoret WhatsApp group –

Joining these Eldoret WhatsApp groups is a very simple process, to being a member of any Eldoret group you will have to follow few easy steps, they are:

Step 1: First of all you will have to click on the group link given with the name of the group. the link will directly open in a web page

Step 2: once if the link is loaded in your browser, you will able to see a ‘join chat’ option on that web page, you will have to tap on it.

Step 3: as you will click on the ‘join chat’ option, the browser will redirect you to your WhatsApp app. Here you can see the details of the WhatsApp group. now you will have to click on the ‘join group’ option shown below the group details.

Step 4: Then you will see a message of joining the group. finally! you are a new member of that group now if members are allowed to message in the group, you can send messages easily.


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