Exam Whatsapp group names

In today’s era, there is hardly anyone who is not familiar with WhatsApp. Most of the population is using WhatsApp nowadays the digitalization and increase in in the development of Information and Technology has made our life easier and we are much dependent on our smartphones and other electronic gadgets there are a lot of knowledge full and interesting things available on our smartphones.

As Information and technology are developing the development of electronic devices is also increasing and developers are inventing something New daily. Some of these inventions are helpful for us and some are making our future better. WhatsApp is any useful application made for or making communication easier through this application you can easily communicate with whoever you want.

WhatsApp application can be used on smartphones desktop laptops and other electronic devices. As you know that what’s your application is made for making communication easier this application provides a lot of facilities regarding the Communications. So this application you can easily create a WhatsApp group and you can start a group voice or video call.

WhatsApp application is also being used for educational purposes during the situation of pandemic many schools colleges had used the WhatsApp application for conducting the classes and exams and there are a lot of WhatsApp groups that help the aspirants by providing them study material through these WhatsApp groups.

Some exam WhatsApp group names that you can use for your WhatsApp group mentioned below.

Exam Whatsapp group names

  • board preparation
  • SSC preparation
  • Math teachers
  • Hostel wardens
  • Teachers associations
  • Hard workers
  • midterm
  • assessment
  • observation
  • scrutiny
  • test
  • Sessional Tests
  • Board Results
  • Results Out
  • Our Project
  • Group Work
  • Ratta Maar
  • Global Exams
  • Viva Guide
  • Revision Time
  • No Prep
  • Exam time
  • Summative assignments
  • Final exams
  • Mission Upsc
  • Mission to pass 12
  • Mission to pass 10
  • Best of luck
  • Be a topper
  • Pad lo beta ji
  • Revision notes
  • Ask doubts
  • Doubt solving group
  • Help low achievers
  • Arise together
  • Mission chemistry
  • Be a mathematician
  • Previous year qn papers.
  • Old paper solving

Ideas to choose the best name for the WhatsApp group.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you for choosing one of the best names for Whatsapp group names.

  • The name must clarify the purpose of the Whatsapp group.
  • The name must inspire and motivate the students of the Whatsapp group.
  • The name should unique.
  • It should be meaningful.
  • Should not exceed the limit of 25 characters.
  • Use emojis, special symbols.
  • Must not contain the abusive word.

How to rename a WhatsApp group.

If you are thinking of converting your existing WhatsApp group to exam centric WhatsApp group you will have to change the name of the WhatsApp group for changing the name of WhatsApp group there is a simple procedure that you will have to follow there are some steps mentioned below that will help you a lot for changing the name of the WhatsApp group.

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp application

Step 2: Select the group that you want to change the name of.

Step 3: Click on the three vertical dots from the upper right corner of the screen by doing this a new menu will appear there.

Step 4: Click on the first option of the menu the option will be ‘group info’.

Step 5: Now you will have to click on the pencil icon given alongside the name of the group.

Step 5: Enter the new desirable name that you want to provide to your WhatsApp group.

Step 6: Click on the ok button to save the changes and to update the name of the WhatsApp group.


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