Friends whatsapp group link

If you are fond of making new friends and like to chat with strangers, then in this article you will get a list of Working friends WhatsApp group links of 2021.

We feel relaxed by interacting with friends, we often share our happiness and sorrow with them, but not everyone able to make friends. But because it is the era of the internet and social media, So now it is very easy to make friends for every person.

by sitting in a corner of the world today, you can start conversations with people of any country and make a person your friend. platforms like Facebook Instagram will help you to do this task.

But if I tell you that you can start making friends on WhatsApp? yes! you have heard right. Till now if you used WhatsApp to chat with your local friends then now you have a great chance to start a friendship with people from across the world.

Guidelines to join a Friends WhatsApp group

you may have fun and a great time by joining these groups, But as a group member, you have to follow some strict guidelines issued by the group admin.

  • Any interested guy who is 13+ can join these groups.
  • These groups are made with the purpose of having fun&entertainment, So don’t fight in a group
  • you don’t have a license of making changes in a group.
  • Voice messaging is not allowed in certain groups.
  • Self- promotion& advertisement can not be allowed in the group
  • don’t share your personal information in a group.
  • You can share funny&interesting meme, video in a group. But you don’t have permission to share adult content in the group.
  • by breaching the group guidelines a user may have to leave the group. So now let’s have a look into these group links

How to join friends WhatsApp group?

users who are interested in joining these friends group, Just have to follow the simple procedure given below:-

  • first, you need to scroll up this page.
  • As you can see the group list on a page, decide which group you want to join.
  • Then click on the joining link option. To join that group.
  • Now a new page will appear on your screen. Click the join chat button on your screen.
  • Now you will come to your Whatsapp app. here you can see the join group button.
  • Hit that button, you will be successfully added to that group

How to create your own Whatsapp group?

By creating a Whatsapp group, you can bring people together for a special purpose, So in order to create a Whatsapp group follow the given process.

  1. At first, go to your Whatsapp app.
  2. Click on the 3 dots, given at the top right corner
  3. Now select the ” New Group” option.
  4. Now select the users from your Whatsapp contact list to add these participants to your group
  5. Next, enter the group name, by clicking on the camera icon you also add a profile photo of your group.
  6. Now finally tap on the done icon.

So, this way you can create a Whatsapp group in less than a minute.


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