Many people love to play games on their mobile for long hours, And some Also do Live streaming on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and even looking for gaming groups on WhatsApp. in this article we are going to share the Games WhatsApp Group Links (10000+ Gaming Groups)

As you may know, the gaming industry is growing rapidly and the craze of gaming is increasing day by day. People install and play a different kind of games on mobile and PC according to their interest and mood.

But do you know there are some smart gamers who are earning money by showcasing their gaming skills to viewers? On YouTube, you will find many such examples who are doing online gaming streaming on YouTube.

If you have also the craze of gaming and you want to promote your e-gaming channel& website through Whatsapp groups. Then these groups prove to be helpful for you.

Also if you are searching these groups just for playing the game, then you can also join these WhatsApp groups, But before we look at the group list, you should understand that.


Games WhatsApp Group Links

Guidelines for joining a Gaming WhatsApp group?

As a gaming enthusiast if you are excited to join these groups, Then have a look at these guidelines before joining your favourite gaming group

  • As these groups are only for gamers so only post the content related to gaming.
  • Do not share or discuss any irelevant topic with other members.
  • As you do not have the access to change group settings, for doing so take permission from the group admin.
  • Don’t use these Groups for any marketing or business purpose.
  • Sharing your personal email id or other sensitive information may harm your privacy.
  • Don’t join these groups, if you do not have an interest in playing e- games.

So here hare we have discussed the guidelines now it’s time to know

Process of joining a gaming WhatsApp group?

There isn’t any hard and fast process to join any public gaming groups just follow the given steps.

  1. First, pay attention to these given groups that are listed above.
  2. Now to become a member of your favourite group just click on the joining link of that group.
  3. Now it will directly take you to your WhatsApp app.
  4. Now you will see the group details of the selected group.
  5. After that, if you are sure to join that group, then hit the join button.

Advantage of joining the gaming WhatsApp group

playing games keeps your mind fresh and active especially while you busy at work.

  • You will get to see the latest updates about the latest gaming apps.
  • Some groups are dedicated to Pubg and free fire lovers So play a Battle with other players.
  • The pro player of these groups often shares attractive things and giveaway in groups.
  • And yes! you can exit the group whenever you want.

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