659+ Genuine Whatsapp group Links| Check now

If you search WhatsApp groups links list on google, you will find thousands of groups to join, But most of the group link does not work anymore. That’s why it is a bit tough to find trustworthy means Genuine Whatsapp group links.

after understanding the user’s problem, we have shared some of the working WhatsApp group links of 2021 with you.

on the given list, you will see different kinds of group links of various categories. Whether you are a student, a jobber or have any other profession, you can become a member of any group according to your wish.

With the help of some of the best websites/sources on the Internet, we have compiles a list of groups So that you can easily join some trustworthy group.

genuine group link

most of the groups are 100% Genuine, But every member must be familiar with the policies of the group before entering the group, so let’s know

Guidelines for joining the genuine WhatsApp group

These group policies are made by the group’s owner, although the policies may vary according to various group. we have discussed some common guidelines below.

Anyone who has a WhatsApp account and above the age of 13 can join these WhatsApp groups.

Do not violate group policy by sharing 18+ content in the group

it is not allowed to talk on religious and political issues in certain groups.

the user who talks on a redundant topic can be excluded from the group.

Posting personal photos, discussing private matter/ issues in groups is not allowed

Apart from this, if you have any problem with a group member or any question related to the group, then you can feel free to contact the admin.

Genuine Whatsapp group Links-

How to join a genuine WhatsApp group

You must go through this process to join any of the groups listed above.

  1. First, select a group of your choice.
  2. Now to being a member of that group click the joining link option next to that group name
  3. you can see a WhatsApp app has automatically opened on your mobile!
  4.  you can see the group details which you have selected. At the bottom of your screen.
  5. Now click the join group button.

As you hit that button you will be added as a member of that group

How to create an invitation link for a WhatsApp group

Creating an invitation link is as easy as creating a group if you have are an Admin of any WhatsApp group you just need to follow these steps 2 create an invite link for it.

  1. First, launch the WhatsApp app on your device.
  2. Now come to that group, for you would like to create an invitation link
  3. Now click on the group name that appears on top of your screen.
  4. From the given option choose the invite via the link feature.
  5. As you tap on it you will see a link has been created.

Now you can copy and paste this URL anywhere like Facebook WhatsApp to join more and more members in less time.


Genuine WhatsApp group links are for normal people. People who love to chit chat can join these groups for fun. If you like the content then do share with your friends.


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