Good news for whatsapp users, This security feature will gives you more security

whatsapp security

Instant messaging App WhatsApp is going to Add a new Secure feature for their users, Now users will need to  authenticate themselves, before using WhatsApp account in their PC.

previously you were able to scan QR code from your mobile, to directly access your WhatsApp account in PC, Now you need to authenticate yourself through fingerprint lock or facial recognition ( Face ID) before scanning the QR code of computer screen.

So, If you are a WhatsApp-web user, then this feature May prove to be very useful for you.

As we know The last few weeks have not been pleasant for WhatsApp, as the questions posed by WhatsApp users regarding their privacy & security is still not completely resolved.

But this step taken by WhatsApp for the safety of users, Hope it bring better results for both WhatsApp and users.

How to use this new security feature of WhatsApp?

First of all, you need to update the Whatsapp App in Your android/iOS device.

Update whatsapp

Now Open WhatsApp, and tap on the 3 dots, at the top of the corner.

Then select the WhatsApp Web option

Now before scanning the QR code on the screen, you have to do biometric authentication  with face ID or fingerprint lock.

After that you can use WhatsApp web in Your computer  By scanning the code appearing in your computer. As You normally Do.

Note:- while using this feature, if you have already logged in with your WhatsApp account in any computer. And you forgot to logout at that time.

Then you will see an logout option, and by tapping on it, your account will be logged off from that particular device.

Although this feature is not currently available for all users, but after roll out, this feature of  will gradually be available in everyone’s device.

Advantages of whatsapp new Security feature

Till now, it was easy for many people to use someone else’s WhatsApp account on their device using the WhatsApp web.

By mistake, if someone’s phone came into their hands, then they can scan thier whatsapp account in their own pc

They can secretly check someone chats, and tamper with someone’s WhatsApp account.

But now whatsapp restricted those users, with it’s new feature which helps people to secure their whatsapp account with fingerprint lock or face id protection

WhatsApp may Going to launch a Multi Login feature.

Till now through WhatsApp web we could login to our WhatsApp account on one computer at a time

But it is believed that the company is soon bringing the multi login feature, From which you will be able to use your WhatsApp account in different devices simultaneously.

However, the company has not yet announced the launch date of this feature.

So this was the latest update of WhatsApp, Soon a new security features of WhatsApp will be available for all whatsapp users. If you like this information you should definitely share this post on social media.

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