How To Change WhatsApp Number (Without Losing Data)

If you want to change your current WhatsApp number to a New number. Without losing Your Important Data! then in this post we will share with you a detailed guide about How To Change WhatsApp Number (Without Losing Data)

Yes, changing a WhatsApp number has been quite easy. In 2017 WhatsApp added a new feature. With the help of which, you can change Your WhatsApp number to a new number.

But before that, let us know that after changing a WhatsApp Number, the data of the WhatsApp account created from the old number is transferred to the new number.

And the WhatsApp account created with your old number gets Deleted. After Changing A number, WhatsApp send a notification to All of your Contacts and Joined  group.

So, Let’s know Some important things before changing WhatsApp number!

  • To verify A number, your new number should be Active in your Device.
  • Your mobile must have a cellular / wifi data connection to change Whatsapp Account
  • You can tell your WhatsApp contacts about your new number, so that they can save your number.
  • Your old number must be Verified on WhatsApp, that Means the number should be currently active.

So let us know how you can change WhatsApp number in 2021.

How To Change WhatsApp Number?

First of all, launch the WhatsApp app on your mobile.

Note:-  If Your Whatsapp App not updated, You can update it, via PLAY STORE/ App store.

1. Now tap on the 3 dots given in the top corner. then choose the settings Options.


2. Then tap on Account. Here, Now you have to tap on change number.

3. Now in the next screen you will see information related to changing the number, after reading the message tap on Next button. In the new page, First you have to enter your old number here.

4. After that you have to type the new active number of your phone. From which you want to have a WhatsApp account, After this click on the next button.

5. Now you will be told that you want to change your WhatsApp number! So you should notify Your contacts about it. If you are Agree, enable the Notify Option.

6. Here, you have the option to inform all contacts or just those with whom you have chats After this, click on the Done button. Now to verify your WhatsApp number an OTP will be sent to your new mobile number, 

7. After verifying the number, Now your whatsApp number will be changed. So By Following These simple steps, you can change your WhatsApp number Easily, you can see The the Data like Profile & group information and settings of your old number will be Transferred on Your new Number. 

Now WhatsApp has made it very easy for you, So you don’t need to change Settings.

How can I change my WhatsApp number without informing my contacts?

You can change your number even without notifying Your WhatsApp contacts. While changing Your WhatsApp Account. On the screen you get the option of “Notify Contacts” When you turn on this feature, some other option Appear on the screen.

Below you will also see A message, you can see the number of people who will get the notification for Your new whatsapp number. So ,tap on the contacts. 

Now you can Remove Those contacts whom you not want to show Notification of Changing Whatsapp account. If you do not want any contact to be notified, you can remove all the contacts one by one.

However, keep in mind A thing By following this process, You Can’t stop giving notification into your whatsapp group.


Can blocked contacts see my new number?

No, but if your new number is saved in their Device. They can send text, photos on your new Whatsapp number.

So if you Don’t want to Receive message from any Blocked number, then after changing the number, you will have to Block Them personally with this new number as well.

Can I run Two WhatsApp Account from A number?

No, according to WhatsApp policy, you can only use one WhatsApp account with one number at a time.Though you can use one WhatsApp account on your different device, you can also use two WhatsApp Accounts  in one device.

How do I switch a WhatsApp account?

If you have a clone of WhatsApp in your mobile and in both apps, you have Whatsapp accounts from both numbers.

Then you can easily run multiple accounts from one device. If you do not know how, then let us tell you in Latest smartphones, you will find inbuilt App clone feature. Also, you can easily run two WhatsApp in one mobile by installing any third party app from play store.

Does message will be received on Old Number after changing number?

No, when you change your old number from WhatsApp and create a account With the new number.

If there any user send a message on Your old number,you will not receive it.

This is because as soon as the account is transferred to the new number, the WhatsApp account from a old number gets deleted. So if a user messages on the old WhatsApp number then that message will not be sent.

So guys that’s all in today’s article. Now  after reading this post You may know How to change your number on WhatsApp? And you must have got many important information related to changing WhatsApp number.

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