How to Hide and Unhide WhatsApp Chat

If you want to hide Your WhatsApp Chats, Because You Don’t Want to show Anyone the personal chats between You and your girlfriend or any Any important person. then today we will tell you how to hide WhatsApp chat without installing any app? without downloading any third party app. How to Hide and Unhide WhatsApp Chat without using Archive feature?

Imagine someone asking for your phone suddenly, and you cannot refuse it. And When he/she open WhatsApp in your mobile, all your  chat will appear on the screen.

Then you will think why I did not hide this chat earlier. Also If a friend or a member of your household uses your phone. But if you don’t want to show them your important chats 

Then today’s post Going to be very useful for you. Let’s start this interesting article and know about How to Hide and Unhide WhatsApp Chat?

How To Hide WhatsApp Chat?

To secure your WhatsApp chats, first of all it is necessary that you use WhatsApp lock. But If you open your WhatsApp in front of someone, and don’t want your secret chats to be visible to them, then follow the steps given below to hide your Chats

1. First launch the WhatsApp app then Come to the chat, which you want to hide. Now you have to long tap on this Chat.

2. Above you will see some options, if you want to hide WhatsApp chat. You have to tap on archive Button, as you can see the screenshot Below.

3. As you tap on Archive button, Selected chat will disappear from the screen. Now if you are reading this Secret trick for the first time, you will be shocked, that the chat is hidden, but now How will it appear?

Guys, do not worry, you can See  this Chat whenever you want. To see, first you have to open the WhatsApp app, and scroll down. You can see the archive chat option at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it.

Now your hidden chat is visible here. So tap on this chat. Now type whatever message you want to send him/her and send it.

And from here you can chat with them easily. and as soon as you Exit this chat, you will not see this chat on the home screen.

In this way you can hide As many important chats As you want. and the Great thing is that You do not need to install any third party app to use this Archive feature, But in the future if you feel that now I do not need to give My phone to anyone, and want to remove your Chat from Archive feature,

Then you have to follow these simple steps.

How To Unhide WhatsApp Chat?

1. Launch WhatsApp App in your Android, Scroll down to the bottom of WhatsApp chat.

2. Now, you have to tap on the archive chat Feature. Now long tap on this chat.

After that, you have to tap on the unArchive icon above.

Now this chat will be removed from the archive list. So we can say it’s very easy to use this Archive feature and Anyone can use this for security purpose.

How To Hide WhatsApp Group?

If you are joined in a group where the private information is shared. And you Never want anyone should read your private messages, Then let me tell you that you can also use the archive chat feature for WhatsApp groups.

Like a personal chat, you can hide a WhatsApp group by tapping on the Archive button in WhatsApp.

For this you need to come on that WhatsApp group, which you want to hide.

  • Now long tap on the name of this group.
  • Now just tap on the Archive button above.

Now this group will be hidden and only you will be able to see group messages , By Following the process mentioned above. 

And Anytime, you can exclude the group from the archive list.

How to Hide Whatsapp Chat without Archive Feature?

The above mentioned method is the official feature of WhatsApp, but if you want more security for any chat, then you can directly hide any WhatsApp chat.

For this, you will have to install the modified version of WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp.

  • After installing, GB Whatsapp, Now Here you have to create a new WhatsApp account
  • After Creating An Account, you can see all the chats on the screen.
  • If you want to Hide any chat, you have to do Long Tap on it.
  • After this, you will see 3 dots on the screen just tap on it.
  • Here you can see some of the options Appear on the screen, So  tap on Hide option.
  • After this the chat will be successfully Hide from your screen,  and any user will not Be able to find your secret chat.

Let us know that there are many advanced features in GB WhatsApp, which you never get in official WhatsApp, that’s why Today millions of users Run Gb Whatsapp As their default messaging App.

But since this it is a third party App, it cannot be considered As much secure just like official WhatsApp. But now you know both ways by which you can hide Your WhatsApp chats. Using official WhatsApp and the modified version of Whatsapp . 

Now it’s up to you which method suites you better.

After reading this post, Now you May know How to Hide and Unhide WhatsApp Chat? 

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