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Love is an important and intrinsic feeling of all living beings born in this world. It is said that love can happen to anyone at any age, there are a lot of true love stories that prove this fact, there are a lot of couples that have set an example of true love. If you Want to read love stories then definitely join these given Love stories Whatsapp group.

The love story of Heer-Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet, Mumtaz-Shahjahan are some of the most popular love stories, there are a lot of lovers that are followers of these lovers and they claim that they are in true love.

Love stories are often common among youths, but sometimes the people of other age groups fall in love, many peoples are love story enthusiasts, they love to listen to love stories, there are a lot of platforms through which you can read/listen to the love stories, there are numerous youtube channels that show the unique and true love stories, and few other social media platforms provide a feature to create groups on which the people share their love stories.

Whatsapp is such a platform on which a lot of love stories WhatsApp groups are created on which peoples share their love stories, some ouch WhatsApp groups, and their joining links are mentioned below.

Love stories whatsapp group link

Some Guidelines that you must follow after joining love stories WhatsApp groups are:

Rules for joining Love Stories Whatsapp group?

  • Use fair words, abusive words are prohibited.
  • Respect all the members present in these love stories WhatsApp groups.
  • Don’t troll or make a bad comment on any of the members of these Whatsapp groups.
  • Don’t forward messages or resend messages to these love stories WhatsApp groups.
  • Don’t share adult content in these love stories WhatsApp groups.
  • Use English or Hindi language for sharing your views or for sharing love stories in these Whatsapp groups.
  • Don’t send personal messages to any participants of these love stories WhatsApp groups without their permission.
  • Don’t change the subject/icon of these WhatsApp groups, change only if you are permitted by the admin of the group.
  • Don’t share promotional/affiliate links in these love stories WhatsApp groups.
  • Don’t share religious content or such content that can incite violence.
  • There might be some additional guidelines made by the admin of a particular love stories WhatsApp group, you should know and follow them.

Some love stories WhatsApp group links are as followed:

Love stories WhatsApp group links.

How to join love story WhatsApp groups?

If you love to listen to or read love stories, these love stories WhatsApp groups are for you, you should check out these WhatsApp groups, these will provide you the best love stories if you don’t know how to join any of these love stories WhatsApp groups, the procedure of joining their WhatsApp group is mentioned below.

Step 1: As you will scroll upward you will be able to see the name of the WhatsApp groups, along with the name there will be a ‘joining link’ option, click on the option.

Step 2 By following 1st step you will be redirected to the WhatsApp application, here you can check the information of the group, if the details are satisfying, you will have to follow the next step.

Step 3 Click on the ‘join group’ option below the details, it will lead to the successful joining in the WhatsApp group.


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