Ludo WhatsApp Group Links [4000+ REAL GROUPS] Want to play Ludo? If but can’t able to find Ludo players then in these WhatsApp groups you will find users who are always available to showcase their ludo skills.

it is one of the most played indoor games in India, But with the help of the internet now it has reached various countries of the world. Today, hundreds of Ludo gaming Apps are listed on Play Store any user can download and play this game

Since this game is played based on the player’s luck and strategy, it needs a lot of practice to be a champ in this game. But the day when the dice of Ludo does not suit your luck and you did not make a winning strategy, you can lose the game.


Ludo WhatsApp Group Links

Let me tell you currently, there are many such people who are making money with the help of some online ludo games below are the Ludo groups, By joining them you can play the Ludo match for free or by placing a bet. So before you join a group and start playing Ludo, keep in mind some things:-

Guidelines for joining A Ludo Whatsapp Group

  • Only interested ludo players are allowed to be entered in the group
  • Admin will not be responsible for any paid deals between members.
  • Members are not allowed to do advertise of any third-party App or companies
  • Sharing any irrelevant images, text or any content may lead a user out of the group
  • Be nice to each other while talking in a group
  • Sending Nude photos or videos are strictly prohibited in these ludo groups
  • Do not change the name or icon of any Ludo group without the permission of the administrator
  • Contact the admin directly if you have any group complaints.
  • You cannot add other users in some groups without taking an admin’s permission.

So these are some things that you should take care of. Now let us know;

How to join a Ludo WhatsApp group

Follow the steps given below to become a member of any Ludo group.

  1. First, you need to click on the invitation link of that Ludo group
  2. So select any group from the above list. Now click on the joining link button, next to the group name
  3. A new page will appear on your screen so click on the join chat button.
  4. Now you will be in your Whatsapp app
  5. So before you join that group you will see a join group button on your screen
  6. Just click on it, now you will be successfully added to that group

So in this way, you can be a member of any Ludo WhatsApp group

How to create an invitation link

Do you want to form your own Ludo group like the above groups and want to add members to it, then an Invitation Link can easily do this task for you

  1. So to create an invite link for a group, first open WhatsApp
  2. Now go to your group and click on the name/subject of the group
  3. Now on this new page, you will get the Invite via link option.
  4. by clicking on it, a link will appear on the screen, this is an invitation link for your group, you can copy or share this group.

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