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We all know the importance of self-confidence to succeed in life. but many times, people cannot think positively due to negative thoughts, At that time Motivational videos help us to feel positive vibes.

Due to having enough internet, people often search for Motivational content on Google& YouTube To stay motivated, And if you are Going to create a motivational group to spread positivity in a communication platform like WhatsApp.

But do not know How to decide a group name, So in this article, you will see some of the best Motivational WhatsApp group names. by choosing a group name from the given list you can set the best name from your WhatsApp group.

it is common to see negative comments or come negative thoughts in mind, but there should be a fire of motivation in itself. Because WhatsApp is used all over the world, so it could be a great platform to inspire people through motivational images, videos.

So let’s look at the list of best motive group names one by one.

Motivational WhatsApp group name-

Deep Pockets
Mythical Techies
Extreme Explosions
Tech Turtles
The Change Makers
Rustic Blooms
The Petrol Heads
Motivated Team Names
The Talent Pool

Inspirational WhatsApp group name

Astonishing Giants
Non-Stop Pings
United Ration
The Rowdy Buggers
The Soul-Stirring Squad: emotional
Aiming for Joy: be positive
Not Giving In: keeping on
Always Excellent: consistent
The Fantastic Four
The Bum Chums
The Desert Roses

Latest motivational group names in 2021

The Knights in Shining Armor
The C.H.A.O.S
The Untouchables
The Rowdy Buggers
Xpressive Advertisers
Let’s utilize precious time
Just do it
Empty Coffee Cups
Mad house
Cousins Indeed
Near Ones
Passion Pavers
Ragin’ Cajuns
Rainbow Warriors
Red Wings
Scarlet Raptors

How to choose the best motivational group name?

After getting many group name ideas, keep these things in mind before joining a group name.

  • Make your group name simple and easy to remember
  • Creative spelling will help you to make your group name unique
  • Go with something funny and curious name
  • Mix and match words to create an amazing group name
  • Your group name should be under 25 characters
  • Use numbers to create a unique name for your group

So These are some special things you should care about while deciding or editing your group name

How to create a WhatsApp group name?

  • In order to create a WhatsApp group you just need to follow these steps given below
  • In the first step you have to open WhatsApp application on your mobile
  • Now tap on the three dots given at the top right corner
  • Now select new group
  • Choose the participants for your group, for who you want to add you in a group
  • Then click the next icon.
  • Now type the group subject and profile picture. You can also use emoji in your group name then finally hit the the done icon ✅

Congratulation by following these steps new group will be created

How to change the group name?

Changing the group name is so easy, If you have decided a name for the group, follow the steps given below to save it.

  • At first, you need to go to your WhatsApp group.
  • here you can see the group subject is appearing on your screen
  • Choose the group subject
  • Now click on the edit icon at the top of your screen
  • Now type the group name which you have decided
  • Click the OK button to save your changes

By doing so, your group name have been changed successfully.


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