255+ Old WhatsApp Group Links | For Everyone

It is very difficult to find old things and old friends, And if you are looking for old groups on WhatsApp, keep reading..! to help you we have compiled a list of old WhatsApp group links

Nowadays with the help of the internet, you can easily find the latest Whatsapp groups in different categories, but there are very few people who search for old groups and join them.

Today, millions of people are using this messaging App across the country. in such a situation, if you are looking for an old group, Then with the basis of proper research we have listed some best Whatsapp groups with you.

Since The groups we are going to share with you are active for a long time and people use these groups for different ways to promote their business, making new friends.

So, no matter for which purpose you are joining these WhatsApp groups, you should first know one thing about the policies of the group.

old whatsapp group link


Rules for joining an Old Whatsapp group?

to keep in touch with old WhatsApp friends These here are some general guidelines you should follow while joining a Group.

  • a user who is above 13 years can join these groups.
  • Share and discuss things according to the group subject.
  • You can not these groups for personal branding/advertising
  • after joining a group, make sure you are active in it.
  • You can’t alter the group icon&information.
  • do not share abusive or 18 plus content in these groups
  • While having a problem with a group you can register your complaint to the group admin.
  • Sending content related to any religion or political party is strictly against the group policy

Users who will breach these guidelines may have to leave these group. Now let’s know about

Old Whatsapp group Links?

How to join an Old Whatsapp group?

before being a member of a group, You have to select a group from the given list that you would like to join. Then you have to follow the below process to join that group.

first, click on the joining link option, available with your selected group name

now a new page will be open on your browser.

Next, you will see a join group button along with the short group description on your screen.

So, Hit the join group button.

So after doing so you will be an active member of that group.

how to create an invite link for the WhatsApp group?

users who have an active WhatsApp account can easily create a WhatsApp group on their device, just they need to follow these things.

  1. launch the Whatsapp App
  2. Now go to that group which you have created or whose admin you are
  3. Next click on the group subject,
  4. next, you will see the invite via link option along with so many options. Click on it
  5. Now you will see a group link has been generated

you can share this link where you want.


Now you know how to join all WhatsApp group links so I don’t think you will face any difficulty in joining any Old WhatsApp group. Share this post with your friends.


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