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after passing 12th, Millions of Students choose a path for a Brighter career. so if you also have a dream of flying an aeroplane/ jet. then the pilot can be a suitable career for you, By joining these given pilot groups you will meet people of the same profession.

As you may know, in order to become a pilot you have to take admission into the flying club. Then you have to pass these examinations such as Air Regulations, Aviation Metrology, Air Navigation.

in the next step, for becoming a pilot you need to have PPL (PRIVATE PILOT’s LICENCE”) and CPL (commercial pilot licence)

Along with an applicant needs to be medically fit to be a pilot. So if you wish to fly high in your life and Make your family and country feel proud by becoming a great pilot, then the journey of being a pilot starts from now.

Thanks to the Internet which can help you to know more about the pilot profession, in addition, the following groups will also valuable for you.

Guidelines for joining a pilot group on Whatsapp?

those who want to get in-depth knowledge about this profession should join these groups but before that, they need to accept the terms&condition for joining a group these are discussed below.

  • Only serious&passionate users can join these groups.
  • As these groups are not created for having fun, So don’t share funny image&video etc in these groups.
  • You can’t discuss your personal matters in groups.
  • don’t share viral fake messages in these groups, otherwise, you may be blocked from the admin.
  • You can’t use certain groups for advertising or promoting your business.
  • You don’t have the authority to make changes in group settings.
  • do not share irrelevant content that is not related to any religious party or religion
  • If you want to modify the group settings or have any issue with the group Just send an SMS to the group admin.

So by considering these general guidelines anyone can join these groups as per their wish.

Pics Art Editing Whatsapp group Links?

How to join a pilot Whatsapp group?

it is so easy to join a WhatsApp group via its invitation link, But for those who don’t know here are the steps which they can follow to join a group on WhatsApp?

  1. scroll this page, and choose a group from the given list.
  2. next click the joining link option to join it.
  3. Then WhatsApp messenger will be open on your device.
  4. Here you can see the group details is showing as a pop op.
  5. So Hit the join group button to being a member of that group.

This way you can join a Whatsapp group!

How can I join a random Whatsapp group?

if you wish to join any unknown group, Just you need to find the invitation link of that group, By clicking on that link you will be added as a member of that. the good thing is that you don’t need to take permission for joining a group. incase if the link has been reset then you may not be able to do so.


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