Free fire Whatsapp group link?

After PUBG, if any game ruled the battle royale gaming industry is only free fire.

so far this game has been downloaded by millions of people all over the world, if you also play this game on mobile, then here you will get Free Fire WhatsApp group link.

although its graphics is not as great as compared to pubg, due to its low size it can be played in almost every smartphone.

if you are a pro player of free fire, then you can show your great performance to the world and earn name and money by doing online streaming via platforms like youtube& Facebook.

Although becoming a pro player of this game is not easy, for this you need to practice continuously and make a proper strategy, although you will find many tutorials on the Internet to learn the game.

But today we will only talk about Free Fire Lovers, These all the given WhatsApp groups are dedicated to Free Fire Lovers, you can join any of your favourite group.

Important guidelines for joining a free fire WhatsApp group?

To get the important tips from these free fire groups, you should understand the group terms before joining a group.

  • Only users who are 13 plus can join these groups.
  • While discussing in a group try to keep a healthy discussion, not to argue with anyone.
  • You can’t alter the free fire group photo, description etc.
  • Don’t share your personal information to keep your data private and secure.
  • Don’t add other members if the admin hasn’t permitted you.
  • These gaming groups are not for advertising and promotion by doing so you may be blocked by an Admin.
  • If the group isn’t worth it, you can leave it whenever you want.
  • But If you go against the group policy you will be blocked by the group admin.

Free fire Whatsapp group link?

How to join a free fire WhatsApp group?

Getting the membership of any free fire group isn’t hard by following the baby steps you can do this simple task

  1. First, have a look at the group list we have shared above.
  2. Now choose the joining link option, given with that group name.
  3. As you click on it, it will redirect to your WhatsApp app।
  4. Where you will see a big join button on your screen
  5. As you select that button you will be successfully added as a new member of that free fire group.

Advantage of joining the free fire WhatsApp group?

Want to check out your gaming skills, you can battle with any group member.

  • Sometimes you will also get a chance to get a free diamond.
  • There are also some activities held in the group, by participating in it you will get some attractive things.
  • apart from these benefits, you will always have the choice to join or leave the group whenever you want.


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