Rap Battles Whatsapp group Link

Do you consider Rapping as a career or your life? And you think I can write and sing rap very well. So it’s time to showcase your hidden talent with the world, Here we are sharing some rap battle WhatsApp group links with you.

Rapping is a Part of Hip Hop culture. There is no doubt that rap has attracted so many people towards music. Not only in developed countries like Canada America but now Rapping is so popular in many developing countries like India Africa etc.

Eminem, zay Z, Drake, Lil Wayne etc. are few names in the world of rapping who have shown their rapping magic on the international level. If any of these are your inspiration and want to become a rapper.

Then In these groups, you will find all the rappers who are interested in battle with their rapping, So whether you are from any country, you can test your rapping skills by joining these groups. So before you join a group, it is important for you to take care of some group related things.

Guidelines for joining a Rap Battles Whatsapp group 

  • The rapping enthusiasts need to keep a few things in mind before joining the group.
  • Only interested users are allowed to enter these rapping groups. because all the members in the group need to be active.
  • Do not comment negatively on someone’s singing, maintain good behaviour with each other.
  • Do not post objectionable pictures in the group or post any kind of content
  • Members are not allowed to talk on any topic other than the group subject.
  • Anyone over the age of 13 can join these groups.
  • For your personal safety, you should not share any of your personal information such as mobile number, email etc. in the group.

Apart from these, follow some other rules made by the administrator. For more information contact the administrator of this group. Let’s go ahead and dive into the group link

Rap Battles Whatsapp group Link

How to join a Rap Battles WhatsApp group

Follow this simple procedure below to become a member of any rap battle WhatsApp group of your choice.

  1. First of all scroll this page a bit
  2. Here, you can see the list of all the rap battle groups
  3. Now just click on the joining link option next to the group name
  4. By doing so, a new page will be open on your browser
  5. And you can see a join Chat button on your screen, tap on it
  6. Now WhatsApp app will be open your mobile
  7. Here you can see the group information
  8. So click on join group button

Now you are added as a new member of your favourite rap Battle WhatsApp group

Benefits of joining Rap battle WhatsApp group

There are many people who have a keen interest in rapping, but they do not get a chance to show their talent on any big platform. So in these groups, you will get both new and experienced rappers.

So it’s a good way to improve your rapping and showcase your talent to people, and with your great performance, it is possible that others can share your content on social platforms And the whole world can see your talent.


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