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If you are fond of playing football, then it is possible that you probably know about the rugby game. this game played in the field with an oval ball.

Even though the game isn’t popular as compare to games like cricket, football.

But Its discussion remains in the world, if you also want to know more about these whstapp Groups,

Then here we have brought Rugby WhatsApp Groups link for you.

This game is played by two teams of 15 and 13 players. Rugby union consists of 15 players while on the other hand.There are 13 players in rugby league play.

In the 80 minutes of time frame the main objective of a player is to score as many points as possible. The team which has most of the points, is considered the winner of the game.

Even today in countries like India, generally the game isn’t played by people, but some people always seems excited about the game. Now let’s know

Guidlines for joining a rugby WhatsApp group?

Those players who want to join any group, Should understand the common guidelines .

  • You only have permission to share rugby news, upcoming matches information etc which is relevant to the group subject.
  • You can’t promote or advertise any business here
  • In order to make changes in group settings first you need to take permission from the group admin
  • Don’t agrue or debate in a group otherwise you may have to leave the group.
  • Sharing adult or illegal content may lead a user out of the group.
  • Don’t share your personal photos stories in a group.
  • Users who do not want to stay active in these groups, May exit the group anytime.

So here we have discussed the basic guidelines you need to to consider now it’s time to know

Rugby whatsapp group Link?

How to join a rugby WhatsApp group?

If you are a passionate rugby player, then follow these steps to be active in your favourite rugby group.

  1. First of all open the whatsapp app.
  2. Now choose which group you would like to join then click the joining link.
  3. Next a new page will appear on your screen you need to hit the join button
  4. Next you will be on your WhatsApp app, where you will see the group details.
  5. click the join group button and you will be a new active member of that group.

This was the easy process, you can follow to join a group

Advantage of joining rugby WhatsApp group

  • As an active member you will get all the latest international rugby matches updates in your WhatsApp inbox.
  • You will know some interesting facts and stories about the game
  • You can also discuss about your favourite rugby player in a group
  • If it seems these groups are not valuable, you can exit the group whenever you want.


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