Signal app Added two new tremendous features, users said goodbye to whatsapp.

Signal app Added two new tremendous features, users said goodbye to whatsapp.

In the last few days, WhatsApp has been badly criticized for their new policy on the internet. This has greatly benefited the rivals of WhatsApp in the market.

At such times, the signal app has become a popular application, when we talk about privacy & security.

People love to use this Application

And not only about security, but with it’s cool features the signal app Emerging as a rival of whatsapp.

In its latest update, Signal has  launched some features that usually we do not see on WhatsApp, in this Post you will learn more about them..

Chat wallpaper & animation feature added in signal app

WhatsApp allows you to set the same background wallpaper for all chats. But In the new update of signal app it allows users to set different chat backgrounds for different users.

The advantage of this feature is that, if someone is very close to your heart, then you can set a special background for it,

although Anytime you can also set the by default background.

Not only this, the Signal app has launched its first animation sticker, so you can send these great stickers to your special ones,

If you are a signal desktop user, you can create your own sticker or download it.

Let us know that by updating the signal app in your Android and iPhone. you can use these latest features of the signal app.

Along with this, in the latest version of the Signal app some of the small but other useful updates have been seen.

Like the new update allows iOS users to pause the downloading of an attachment to reduce data charges during calling.

Also it is expected In the future, Signal Foundation will bring many more useful updates for its users. last month,After the launch of the new WhatsApp policy. millions of people started using the signal app instead of WhatsApp.

The signal App also remains in the heart of the people because Elon Musk (world’s most wealthiest person) Said they use this privacy focused App

and he also advises his followers to use this app for privacy.

People’s trust with Whatsapp has been broken by it’s new privacy policy

WhatsApp’s New terms and conditions have Broken the unbreakable trust of millions of users.  WhatsApp has been criticised around the world for their new privacy policy.,

people believe that with the implementation of this new privacy policy, their personal data can be misused, which may endanger their security.

With the implementation of the new policy, WhatsApp will share more data of users with its parenting company Facebook and Instagram.

The new policy helps facebook for providing better marketing service, which will ultimately help him to earn more money.

The biggest problem is that it became a compulsion for users to follow this policy. Because in its policy WhatsApp had also announced that those users who do not accept this policy by February 8th, their WhatsApp account will be deleted.

With resentment, a lot of people started finding  the alternative of Whatsapp  such as Telegram, Signal etc.

WhatsApp clarified the new policy

To calm the matter, WhatsApp has informed users through its blog and status features

that we do not use your personal data, All the conversations and calls  are safe under the end to end encryption feature of Whatsapp

Through these statements, WhatsApp tried to settle the case somehow, and said that due to incorrect information, users are not able to understand this policy. And this will take time that’s why this new policy will now be implemented on 15 May.

But in spite of all this, around the world Whatsapp had to face severe criticism for this arbitrariness being done by Whatsapp

In the past few days, instead of Whatsapp millions of people have started using Privacy Focused Apps like Signal.


So after reading about the Latest signal app and understanding the new policy of WhatsApp, Now you will be able to know the secret reasons for the increasing popularity of the signal app in the market.

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