Student Whatsapp group Name

If you are a student and want to connect the other school students on WhatsApp. for which you are looking for a group name for your school WhatsApp group, then in this article you will get a list of some of the best School WhatsApp group names.

School teaches us many things in our life. Apart from getting an education, the school also helps us to choose good friends. Therefore, as much as a person learns&enojy from school, he is not able to get these special moments anywhere in life,

That’s why it is said that school life is the best life.

So if you want to create a WhatsApp for any specific purpose, but if you don’t have any idea in your mind about the group name, then Here are some of the latest school group name list you should check out.

Let us inform you that on this blog we often share different kinds of group names list related to every subject. but today’s this dedicated to all school students.

These given group names can be used by any students, for their school group.

School Whatsapp group name?

  • Hang over
  • Hike & Bike
  • Royal Benchers
  • Dream Team
  • Low and Slow
  • Shade Throwers
  • The Triple Hits
  • We Bond
  • Maniac Messengers
  • Just Chat
  • Text Masters
  • The Rat Pack
  • Hard Rock Life
  • Little Moons
  • Life for friends
  • Fab 5
  • Pitch-er Perfect
  • Just chat
  • The Alpha & Omega
  • 6 Semesters and a Movie
  • Axis Anything
  • Mountain Movers
  • The Spartans
  • Consonant Love
  • All Night Long
  • Wondering Minds
  • The Invincibles
  • The Alpha & Omega
  • Dream Team
  • Teenagers
  • Fantastic 4
  • The Grapes of Math
  • ABCD Friends
  • Best School Friends
  • Wondering Minds
  • Flock Together

Group Names For School Students:-

  • Little Moons
  • Waste Brains
  • The Three Amigos
  • Bingo Wives
  • Legal Bachelors
  • The Herd
  • Great Mates
  • Buddies for Life
  • bio wali madam
  • Bae’s
  • Pen Pals
  • Valley Racers
  • Alive Scholars Society
  • Dear Ones
  • Riders of the Storm
  • Just Chat

Unique whatsapp Group Names List in Hindi

  • Bingo Wives
  • Legal Bachelors
  • Cherry Choppers
  • Hindi Hands
  • Higher Drifters
  • Local Losers
  • Little Moons
  • Six Spoons
  • Across Borders
  • Happiness All Around
  • World Of Cousins
  • People I Love
  • More Than Bros
  • Amazing Pals
  • Counter Strike Batch
  • Lucky Charms
  • Fabulous friends
  • ABCD Dosts
  • Best Brothers
  • Junior Stunts
  • Bingo Bikers
  • Wind in Our Chest Hair
  • Fryin’ Hawaiians
  • Christmas Coal
  • Two Is the Loneliest Number
  • Belly Ups
  • The Dude Guys
  • We Who Shall Not Be Named
  • Party Balls

How to rename a WhatsApp group?

if you are willing to replace your old boarding group name, with the interesting one. So here are the steps by following them you can change or edit the group name.

  1. So let’s come to your Whatsapp group, by launching Whatsapp App.
  2. Now you can see the 3 dots appearing at the top right corner, in the group chats.
  3. So tap on it, now select the group info option.
  4. Here you can see some information related to the group such as group profile photo, number of participants.
  5. in order to change the group name, click the pencil icon, available on top of screen.
  6. then, Type the new group name, and hit the ok button.

So this is the process you can follow for joining a Whatsapp group.

How to create a Whatsapp group?

if you haven’t created a Whatsapp group yet. Then to start a new WhatsApp group you need to follow the given steps below.

  • First, open your Whatsapp app.
  • Then select the new group option, By clicking on the 3 dots appearing at top of your screen.
  • Next, you can add those participants in your group, who are added to your Whatsapp contact list.
  • Then tap on the Okay icon,
  • Next, add your group name. you can also add a profile photo which will show as a group icon. Next hit the done icon.

Finally! the group has been created successfully!


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