Supreme Court refused to hear on whatsapp new privacy policy

Supreme Court refused to hear on whatsapp new privacy policy

The Supreme Court has refused to hear the petition filed on WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. We have come up with the detailed information on this breaking news.

The court says that “the High Court has already heard this matter and we cannot take further decision on this petition”

Let us know that the new privacy policy of WhatsApp has faced stiff opposition in India. Recently, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT) had asked the Supreme Court to investigate whether to implement the new WhatsApp policy or ignore it.

CAT said that under this policy, WhatsApp is infringing on the fundamental rights of Indian users. WhatsApp cannot do its arbitrary in a democratic country like India.

At the same time, Cat also believed that other IT companies in the market like WhatsApp should be given directions by the central government.

So that they could not compromise with the privacy & security of citizens, just for their own profit.

this petition filed in the Supreme Court mainly describes the difference of policy between the users of Europe and India, and the question has been asked why any technology company can use the private data of users For their own profit?

The petition said that WhatsApp has clearly adopted its policy of arbitrariness. Which should not be accepted in democratic countries like India.

It has also been said that WhatsApp was started as a secure messaging application. As a agreement it was promised that users data should always be kept private.

But when WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook in the year 2014, many users suspected that Facebook could use WhatsApp data for its profit.

But as per the current scenario, Now whatsapp using their customers Data for Facebook AIDS and marketing.

But problem is that, if WhatsApp shares our personal data on Facebook and Instagram, then further, this data can be shared with any third party company link to Facebook, so it should be stopped.

The petition also states that no technology company can use unethical methods to make profit like this!

after the launch of this new policy of WhatsApp, After a lot of users displeasure the matter had gone to the Delhi High Court in the month of January.

And a hearing was held in the matter, in which the Delhi High Court said that This is a private app, its use is completely dependent on the users, if you think this app is risky for your privacy then you can stop using it.

With these words, the High Court said that we cannot send notice to WhatsApp on this matter.

Let us tell you, This statement came from High Court, when Users wanted that government should take appropriate action regarding the new policy of WhatsApp.

Regarding which the High Court said that it is your choice whether to use this app or not.

On High court statement, it has also been said by the government that apart from this, there are many other apps which Taking users’ data, like Google’s own application has obtained the private data of the Google Maps users.

In short, the government has said that if users feel that Whatsapp is a unsecure App for them, They can completely stop using it,

there is no pressure on any user to use this app, users can use any messaging app in their mobile as they wish.

After being dissatisfied with this answer, the matter went to the Supreme Court, in its statement Supreme Court said

that the matter is already going on the High Court and the Central Government is interfering in it according to its own.


After reading this article, Now you may understand the intention of supreme court about this new policy of WhatsApp. We hope that this information will be useful for you.

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