These free gift message on Whatsapp Can hurt you a lot

These free gift message on Whatsapp Can hurt you a lot

If you use WhatsApp on a daily basis, till now You must have seen these types of messages that claim free gifts just by doing simple tasks.

For example –

Hurry! click on this link and Register yourself to claim the latest Smartphone for free …

In These type of Messages, you need to complete the instructions by clicking on the Given link, as you complete the task, A Message will Appear on your screen which says you share this link with your 10-20 friends.

periodically, Such messages are spread like fire on WhatsApp,

The shocking thing is Sometimes it is written in the message that the government or a company is giving laptops, mobile etc. to its customers for a limited time.

maybe you have clicked or shared these type of links. But till date you have not received anything.

But have you ever thought You can get into big trouble by clicking on these links. Today through this Article we are going to discuss About rapidly spreading fake scheme on WhatsApp.

Shocking reality of free gifts message in WhatsApp

First of all we would like to tell you that whenever you get such messages, do not click on these link.

Because no company or organization distributes its products for free on WhatsApp.

To Get A Free Gift when you click on such a link, a page opens in front of you in which you have been asked your name, address, age etc.

And when you enter and submit these Details, your personal data goes to Unknown people or group.

Understand this is the clever way to get your data.

In such a situation, your security may be in danger because you do not know for which purpose, which person or terrorist, thief or fraudster has taken that data.

from these Free Gift Gifts scenes Your phone Can be hacked According to Cyber ​​expert, if you click on such an unknown link, and follow the tasks given on the screen, it is possible that your phone can be hacked.

Because when you answer these some simple questions asked on the screen, if you click on any suspicious link, then there can be malware in that link, and as soon as you open it. It can spread  in your entire device.

And your important data can send to the hacker or the wrong person.

Keep in mind, such methods designed are only meant to fool others, So you should avoid them.

Taj hotel offering free 7 days stay service

This Valentine you are being given a chance to stay at the Taj Hotel for free for 7 days,
click now to book your tickets.

This message rapidly spreading on whatsapp these days.

But Clicking on this link, may be full of danger For you, Because what’s on this Unknown link? No one knows?,

That’s why, When Taj Hotel got information about this message, he tweeted on twitter and said that this message is completely fake, do not click on the link given on such viral message.

WhatsApp also advises to avoid similar fake messages.

Let us tell you that such activities have been happening on WhatsApp for a long time, to stop them WhatsApp recently said that such fake messages should be ignored, and never click on the link given in them.

If your data is important to you, and you don’t want it to go to the wrong person or criminal, then make sure never click on These type of suspicious link.

Make others aware too

If anyone sends such messages to you, then first asked him/ her did he get the gift? And if he does say No, then tell them the truth of such Spam messages and say do not forward them any further.

If all users do this, more and more people will get information about these Free gifts, And they will not forward such messages.

Because in the Internet world where we are easily connected to each other, Minor carelessness can cause heavy losses.


After reading this Post, you may know the black truth behind the free gift scheme on WhatsApp! We hope Now you will not pay attention to any such gift messages.

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