Use these tips to Stay secure your Personal Data on Whatsapp

Use these tips to Stay secure your Personal Data on Whatsapp

WhatsApp has extended the date of implementation the new privacy policy, but it seems that This new policy will apply in future or May be whatsapp will make some other similar policy.

But anyway you cannot Remove your WhatsApp account to stay connected with your friends’ relatives or office clients.

So in such a situation it is important that you follow some tips so that you will be always safe while using WhatsApp.

Here we are telling you about some tips and settings. If you follow these Tips, this will keep your data always secure on WhatsApp.

Disappearing message

Few months ago WhatsApp had added this new privacy feature, if you chat with a person on WhatsApp but you don’t want to store this data because the data is not important.

So you can set the Disappearing mode for that particular chat, After which the conversation will be automatically deleted within 7 days. You can turn this feature on or off at any time.

Two step verification

If your whatsapp data is very important and you always want to keep it secure, then you must adopt two-way verification service.

After turning it on, if your number is lost or someone steals it and tries to access your WhatsApp account with your number, then without adding a six digit he won’t be able to do,

That’s why two step verification feature protects your whatsapp account from fraud & Unknown persons.

To enable two step verification open WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Two-Step Verification> Enable two step verification on your android and iphone.

Keep in mind, during this process you can add your email address, it helps you reset that six digit code in case of forgotten.

Enable Fingerprint lock, Touch ID to secure your chats

WhatsApp allows you to lock WhatsApp to keep your chats secure. If you are an Android user then you can follow these steps to protect your chats

open WhatsApp> Settings> Account> privacy> enable finger print lock

If you are an iPhone user, you can activate Phone ID& Face ID from WhatsApp settings. So that no one can access your WhatsApp account without your will.

Decide who can add you to a group

WhatsApp gives you the Group Settings feature so that without your permission, no user can add you in unwanted group.

using this, you can protect yourself from being added to any Random group.

To do this, Go to WhatsApp accounts> setting> privacy> groups> now select the my contacts except option

Now Select those participents,whom you don’t want to allow to add yourself in any group. You can also select all contacts.

Secure your profile information

WhatsApp lets its users to secure their profile, It allows you to customize the profile. you can private your profile   photo, status, last seen, location and read receipt,

To change all these settings go to WhatsApp Settings>privacy> now change the settings and secure your privacy.

If you change the settings correctly, it helps you to run WhatsApp by keeping the personal data secure.

Update app on time

In order to fix Bugs, adding new Features Whatsapp inc update their App time to time.

So, you should always update your WhatsApp App on Google Play Store on your Android mobile, if you are an iPhone user, make sure update Whatsapp from the App Store periodically!

Because by updating the app, WhatsApp will be faster, safer and better for you.

Securely Link A Device

WhatsApp has brought a new security feature for WhatsApp web users.

Now it will be more secure to run WhatsApp account on computer, this feature helps to protect anyone’s WhatsApp account from scanning QR code directly from mobile.

Now before scanning the QR code in your computer, You have to authenticate yourself with face ID or fingerprint lock.

If you are a whatsapp web user, then this may be very useful feature for you.


So these were some important security tips, we hope by applying this tips it may help you to get secure chatting experience on WhatsApp.

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