Whatsapp Declared the new date for their privacy policy

Whatsapp Declared the new date for their privacy policy

The new privacy policy of whatsapp is being strongly opposed by the users from all over the world, the new policy which was going to come into effect from 8 February. Now the decision to postpone has been taken by WhatsApp.

Most of the users who have read this policy of whatsapp are completely against it, and they are not ready to accept it under any circumstances.

According to the new WhatsApp policy, from 8th of February Whatsapp will share personal data of Indian users with instagram and it’s parenting company Facebook.

Along with this, it has also been announced in the policy that how the data of users will be used.

But it did not happen the way what WhatsApp thought, a large number of people expressed their opposition to this policy, that’s why now WhatsApp inc. saying that they will Not implementing this policy at present, to stop the rumor spreading among the people, Whatsapp has said that it will take time to understand this policy. Therefore, it will be decided again on 15th May. in terms of data security, Indian government itself considers this new policy is a threat for users.

The government says that if users’ data sent to Facebook, then lot’s of possibilities is that this data can be shared along companies associated with Facebook.

So, there will be a possibility of suspicion of breach

Whatsapp clarify their policy through whatsapp status

After endure severe criticism in few days, WhatsApp finally awakened people through its status feature to reveal the truth of their policy,

in which they said that the personal data of users,will not be misused. The conversation they have on whatsapp, will be safe as before.

This policy will be beneficial for business account owners,

Account will not be deleted on February 8th

Under the new policy issued by WhatsApp at the beginning of the year, it was said that it is mandatory for everyone to accept the policy.

otherwise, their account will be deleted on 8th February.

But till now if you haven’t accepted this policy. Relax! Now your account will not going to be deleted, the company has extended this date to the users to 15th May.

Users shifting to Telegram and signal app

The result of this policy has not been found yet. And we can’t say anything what will he happen in Future.

But, definitely WhatsApp’s rival Telegram application Got  the biggest benefit in the market.

In a few days, people started using Telegram app by uninstalling whatsapp. Because of which millions of new accounts have been created on Telegram in just few days.

On the other hand, the privacy application Signal has also benefited immensely, Few months ago many people did not even know about this app.

After Elon Musk’s tweet, they started using Signal App, instead of WhatsApp.

Currently this app has more than 50 million downloads, so it would not be wrong to say that this has become a big problem for WhatsApp even before the implementation of this new policy.

Now central government monitoring this matter

The controversy over WhatsApp’s new policy has increased so much, Now a petition has been filed in the High Court of Delhi stating that

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is a threat to the utility and security of the country.

There has been a demand to stop this new privacy policy.  currently millions of users supporting this petition.

In response, Central Government has said that the Central Government is investigating this matter and the next hearing on this subject is to be held on March 1.

This policy of Whatsapp, made for the Indian users of  also raises questions. Because there is no such policy in Europe.

In such a situation, it is obvious to say Why this discrimination? Means Why the privacy policy is not same for European users and Indian users?


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