WhatsApp group name for college friends

WhatsApp is the most common free communication application used all over the world during the period of lockdown and the pandemic situation the use of WhatsApp and the social media apps has increased a lot due to work from home online studies from home everyone had made their groups on WhatsApp or other social media site/application.

Where you can find the best names of WhatsApp groups for college friends you can use this name for creating a new WhatsApp group or you can sell your existing group. Creating a WhatsApp group is a common thing among the youth and college life is the first period of one’s life while creating the WhatsApp group with your college friends you should provide an appropriate name to the group.

These college groups can be used for chatting providing information to other student discussing any matter and these groups can be used for raising fund for helping needy peoples if you don’t have created a WhatsApp group with your college friends you should create and you should be an active member of of the group.

You can use some of the following names for your college friend’s WhatsApp group:

College Friends’ Whatsapp group Name?

  • Skipping Class
  • No Limits
  • T.H.U.G
  • We Tie Until We Die
  • Money Addicted Gang
  • Day Dreamers
  • Wandering Minds
  • Chuddy Buddy
  • Devil’s Advocate
  • Rise of the Developers
  • To-Be Entrepreneurs
  • Hangover
  • The Back Benchers
  • So-Called Engineers
  • Brothers from different mothers
  • Chaos
  • The Elite Group
  • Kingdom
  • Boring classes
  • Walky Talky
  • Seven Smokers
  • Beauty In Grace
  • Best Buddies In Life
  • Skinny Snakes
  • Scared Hitless
  • Masti Maza
  • Ultimate Nerds
  • Devils VS Angels
  • Hopeless group
  • Beware Brothers
  • The geniuses
  • College gang
  • The backpackers
  • Pencil Chors
  • Cool Boys
  • Free Birds
  • Playing my way
  • Bachelor party
  • Fantastic Four
  • Fab Five
  • Silent killers
  • Game Changers
  • The Spartans
  • Good of Times, Bad of Times
  • Keep “typing…”
  • Fearless and Flawless
  • Do Jism ek Jaan
  • Open Book
  • Time Wasters
  • WhatsApp Fund Raiser
  • Gully ke Rockstars
  • Dhoom Machale
  • Don’t join
  • Recycle Bin
  • Searching for the group name
  • Buddies for Life
  • Royal Benchers
  • Smartness overloaded
  • Game of Phones
  • Tom, Dick, and Harry
  • Tom and jerry

How to rename the College Friends WhatsApp group:

If you have already made a WhatsApp group of your college friends and now you are desiring to change the name of the WhatsApp group this can be done by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 for changing the name of the WhatsApp group the WhatsApp application should be available on your device and you will have to open the application.

Step 2 Now you will have to go to the chat section in WhatsApp and you will have to take on the group subject of the group, you want to change the name.

Step 3 Now after opening the WhatsApp group you will have to click on the three dots as you can see in the upper part of the screen then there you will find a group info option click on that.

Step 4 After clicking on the group info option will able to see the subject of the group and an edit icon next to the subject of the group you will have to click on the edit icon.

Step 5 Now after clicking. you will have to enter the name that you want to provide to the group after entering the name click on the ok button shown below by following this process you can easily change the name of your WhatsApp group.

Things you should keep in mind before choosing a name for a WhatsApp group:

Tip 1 you should choose a catchy and simple name for the WhatsApp group

Tip 2 you should write the name creatively

Tip 3 you should use a simple text font

Tip 4 don’t choose an appropriate name for the WhatsApp group

Tip 5 don’t choose any abusive word

Tip 6 don’t choose too long or too short WhatsApp group name

Tip 7 tag name of the group should not spread hate

Tip 8 use emojis while naming the group this will make the name of the group attractive

Tip 9 you can change the name of the group according to the purpose of the group.


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