WhatsApp group name for cousins

If you have cousins like friends then you are one of the very luckiest people in the world. Because cousins are the people with whom we share our secrets and they understand us very well. But after we grew up when we stuck to our schedule and lost every contact with our cousins.

In that case WhatsApp is a very good medium for reunion with cousins. Because nowadays everyone is using WhatsApp on their mobile. So you can contact your cousins through WhatsApp.

But personal or single chatting won’t give you that pleasure and excitement which you can get in group chats. So creating a cousin WhatsApp group can be proven as the best idea.

After creating the WhatsApp group, you need to give an awesome name to your group. Because group names really attract people. If you gave an eye catching name to your cousin group. Then your cousin will also love to join the whatsApp group.

But if you have a lack of knowledge regarding the names of groups, you are looking for your solution on the internet then you are in the right place. Because in this post I am sharing a bunch of the best WhatsApp group names.

You can choose any one name from the given list and you can create your own cousin WhatsApp group with this name.

Cousins goals WhatsApp group name

My Fam Faves
Forever Fam
Throwback Crew
Sisters By Heart
Cousin Crew
Mermaid To Be Friends Forever
My Gene Pool
The Bad Apples
The Kids’ Table
Y’all Look FAMiliar
Doughnut Know What I’d Do Without
My Favorite Squad
Cuz We’re The Real Deal
Family Heirlooms
Turtley Awesome Cousins
Koalaty Cousins
Friendship Goes Onion On
Orange You Glad We’re Cousins
Kind Of A Big Dill
We Are Family
A Pizza My Heart
Cool Cousins
Soul Sisters
Family First
Bro friend
No Diving In The Gene Pool
Sisterhood Of The Traveling Texts
Watts Up Cuz
Just ‘Cuz
Family Reunion Crashers
The Meaning Of Family

Close cousin WhatsApp group name

Full House
Connecting Souls
Catfight Sisters
Free Birds
Gang Called Family
Time Wasters
To Sister With Love
Cousins World
Cousin’s Street
Newsy Cousins
Orange You Glad We’re Cousins
Old Time Cousins
Most Loved One’s
Crap Collectors
The Troublemakers
Rang De Basanti Group
Cuz Muzz
Dad is Don
Single Cousins
High Level
Maniac Messengers
Young Cousins
King of Good Times
What’s Happening Cuz
My Favorite Squad
Golden Gang
Strong Ties
Party Cousins
Up Cuz?
WhatsApp Connection
Each One Is Special
Sister And Sister
Sis I Miss
Family Reunion Crashers
Mad Hatter Cousins
Heart Bonding
The Bum Chums
Cousin Syndrome
Skinny Snakes

Cousin Bond WhatsApp group name

Cold Bold Divas
My Dear Sister
Our People
Sisters By Heart
The Brat Chat
Wonders of world
We all are one
The Bloodline
Devil’s Home
Chat With Cousins
Best sisters
Granny’s World
Grandma’s Favorites
Much Love Pho My Cousins
Power Puff Girls
Best Group For Sharing Feelings
Laidback Cousins
Protectors Of Superman
Meow Cousins
Mera Family
We Don’t Gossip
Turtley Awesome Cousins
Weekend Boosts
The Untouchables
Weekend Boosts
Blooming Good Time
Feel free to write
Life Roots

As you can see there is a category of cousin WhatsApp group names. These cousins WhatsApp group names signify the different natures of the group.

If you made the whatsApp group for creating strong bonds with your cousins. Then you can choose any one group from the above list. Choose your WhatsApp group name as per your purpose for creating your WhatsApp group. By giving this name to your group, you can force your cousins to join the WhatsApp group.


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