WhatsApp privacy policy impact 2021 in India

WhatsApp privacy policy impact 2021 in India

The Issue emerged on WhatsApp’s new privacy-policy still hasn’t settled. to calm the ruckus about WhatsApp policy, Now WhatsApp is trying to close this matter, through its statements.

WhatsApp has clarified the Policy matter on their status feature, which we are going to discuss on this Article.

Indeed, this privacy policy issue began to arise at the beginning of this year 2021, when WhatsApp forced users to consider it’s new privacy policy. As per WhatsApp’s new policy, whatsapp can now share users’ personal data with their parenting company Facebook.Facebook’s intention behind doing so is clear, that it wants to benefit from users

for which Facebook indirectly using WhatsApp. But nowadays Users are so smart they understand the motive of Whatsapp’s new policy. due to which from the last few Weeks instead of WhatsApp, they started using Telegram and Signal Apps.

To prevent this, WhatsApp started clarifying people using the status feature, saying that it does not misuse their users data.

WhatsApp said the following things through it’s statements through whatsapp status.

1. WhatsApp says that it does not store any personal data of its users. With whom you chat, whom you call, due to end-to-end encryption. this conversation only stays between yourself.  Whatsapp is unable to obtain this data, saying that it will maintain privacy protection in a similar way.

2. WhatsApp says they do not want to compromise on privacy and security! Therefore, we do not collect logs of messages and calling made by 2 trillion users.

3. In the third point, WhatsApp states that with whom you share your location on WhatsApp or Facebook, WhatsApp does not care. Because the location you shared, with whom you have shared the location Only those  can check your location under end-to-end encryption feature.

4. WhatsApp says that the numbers in your contact list Are used with your permission, just for your interaction with other users. in any way,Your contact list is not shared with Facebook

Also WhatsApp says that your personal and Groups chats are safe & Gets protected under end to end encryption Feature. We do not share this data with Facebook for Ads.

En the end, whatsapp also said that through its status feature  you can set Any group or personal chat in Disappearing mode. So that the SMS is automatically deleted after the specified time frame.

And at the same time you can download your Whatsapp data  anywhere & any time, So that you can check out what data WhatsApp stores on their servers.

So through these statements WhatsApp is defending itself so that users can continue using WhatsApp as before.

With the status feature, By spreading the correct  information about their privacy policy, WhatsApp Wants to say that these changes on its privacy policy have been Made for WhatsApp Business users

WhatsApp says these changes will help them to make better communication with business owners, and will look forward to provide better services.

But whatever the reason, WhatsApp took some time to give people accurate information about its privacy policy, because At the beginning of the privacy policy, people started using Telegram and Signal app.

In just 5 days, millions of new accounts were created on Telegram, while during this time Signal app was quite popular among the people.

The result is today more than 50 million users have using Signal App. which forced whatsapp to clarify their new policy and, Now WhatsApp will be realized that They have to give first priority to users. they can’t run this messaging application By their own sweet will

Otherwise, apart from WhatsApp, many other applications are currently available in the market.


Hope, Now by reading the statements given in the privacy policy of WhatsApp. You will be able to understand the intent of WhatsApp behind this new Policy. If you are satisfied with the information, then you should share this article with your friends on social media.

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