WhatsApp Group Links | Latest 2021 Updated WhatsApp Groups

Hey, here you will get latest updated all kind of WhatsApp Group Links. As a trusted app for millions of people. We all know about the popularity of WhatsApp, But usually we only use WhatsApp for sending text image video to other users.

but to in order to stay connected with our friends and relatives WhatsApp group is a great tool for communication Which gives a way to listen to others opinion about an issue as well as to express their views.

But do you know there are many public groups which have been created for different purposes like for entertainment education shopping etc.

And the good thing is that you can join your favorite group through the Invitation link.

So here we are sharing many types of WhatsApp group links with you, So that you can join any group as per your choice.

WhatsApp Group Links

Things to Remember before Joining a Group

So, before you join a group, Here we have mentioned some important things you should follow;

  • Maintain peace & respect with other members of the groups
  • You will not be able to do personal chat in some Groups
  • Don’t change name & icon of the Group, Without permission
  • Share your opinions, But don’t misbehave (otherwise you You may be kicked out from A group )
  • While Having an issue, to solve an query Contact to group Admin via message
  • You may not have permission to send or forward adult images and video on group
  • Also members don’t have licence to post something about their religion.

So now let’s Move Ahead.

1. Entertainment WhatsApp Group Links

Watching videos, movies, etc. in free time is a good way to spend spare time. but for this you don’t need to go on YouTube or browser. Now you can take your entertainment Dose on WhatsApp while chatting with your friends.

Here we are going to share some best entertainment groups channel link with you, where you can find some interesting stuff;

Here you can find more entertainment whatsapp group links.

2. Shopping WhatsApp Groups

As the number of internet users is increasing, Online shopping is on the rise! So if you often shop from largest ecommerce platform like amazon,ebay then to stay notify with the hot deals and best offers you can join shopping whatsapp groups.

Here we have listed some best shopping groups. You can join any one of them as per your choice.

3. Study Whatsapp Groups

Today millions of students uses whatsapp everyday, But some of the students not only use whatsapp for communication purpose Also whatsapp has become a part of their education.

there are thousands of study groups available, from where you can find study notes & material to do the best preparation for exam.

So here are some best whatsapp groups you can join

4. Android Games WhatsApp Groups

People often like to play games to feel fresh & Active. That’s why from the past few years gaming industry is rapidly growing worldwide. Today, almost every age group of people likes to play games.

So if you are also fond of playing games then you don’t need to go anywhere to find best android games. all you need to do is that joining a whatsapp gaming group where you will get the interesting stuff about android games.

So here we have listed some of the best gaming groups with you.

5. Latest News WhatsApp Group Link

now if you are thinking that can we also get latest news & information via whatsapp? then yes you are right?

people who often watch news channels on tv or check out google news in their mobile, for them there are lots of news groups available on whatsapp. From where they can get the latest information related to their state & world.

the good thing is that you will also find some groups in your regional language. However you have to search these types of whatsapp groups on internet. Here we have listed some popular whatsapp news channels group link.

6. Indian WhatsApp Group Links

Being an Indian user, it is possible that you are looking for an Indian group on WhatsApp, then here is some WhatsApp group dedicated to Indians, Where you can connect with your countrymen.

7. Friendship WhatsApp Groups

If you like chatting with strangers on social media, means if you have interest on making new friends. then WhatsApp Can help you to meet new people.

There are many such friendship groups in WhatsApp that help you to make new friends, here we are going to share with you some such groups where you can chat with people from your country & abroad.

8. Tamil WhatsApp Groups

Tamil is one of the major language ​​spoken in India. If you also communicate in Tamil, then you will also find various categories of WhatsApp group in your language.

It is absolutely free to join these group. You can join any group according to your interest. Let’s look into some groups.

9. Motivational WhatsApp Group Link

Motivation is like a fuel, which gives us energy to do work towards our goal. So if you want to get inspired by motivational thoughts then there are are many motivational groups are available in WhatsApp.

Where you will get to see latest motivational quotes & images everyday here are some motivational groups you can join them by clicking on invitation link.

10. Girls WhatsApp Groups

Looking for a platform where you can chat with girls Without forcing a girl to talk with you. Then you don’t need to go anywhere while being connected with your WhatsApp contacts you can also talk with unknown girls and make them your best friend.

Yes! Like Boys, many girls like to make male friends, So you will find many girls with same mindset in girls group. Here are some best girls groups anyone can join.

11. Funny Group Links

A great man said that the day you pass without laughing is a bad day. But nowadays it has become difficult to be happy for some moments in a rus life.

That’s why you will get lot of funny content on the internet for entertainment, But for that you do not have to go to Google or YouTube Below are some group links, by joining them, you will find the funniest content on WhatsApp

12. Sports WhatsApp Group

Now get the Latest updates of sports world, straight to your whatsapp inbox. Some people have prepared such WhatsApp groups where they share sports news & information related to sports like cricket, hockey, football etc.

So below are the links of some sports groups.

13. PUBG WhatsApp Group Links

There are lots of pubg groups are available for pubg lovers, But people do not know about these secret groups.

But if you play pubg, then we are sharing below some important WhatsApp group links with you which will make your pubg gaming experience even better. These groups are made exclusively for PUBG Mobile which you can join now.

14. Technology WhatsApp Group Link

If you love to play with Latest gadgets like mobile computers headphones etc and also like to know about them So, in this digital world, Now you can get the latest updates directly on WhatsApp.

You will find groups like Data science coding, JavaScript latest gadgets news on this category. if you are interested then you can check out these WhatsApp groups.

15. Ludo King WhatsApp Group Links

If you are fond of playing Ludo game online,There are many groups where you can try your Ludo skills with others.

In these whatsapp groups you will see all those members who are interested playing Ludo game so you can also play better with these players.

Here are some links to join these groups


How to join whatsapp group via link?

joining a group via link is a very easy process. If you want to join any WhatsApp group through the link then;

  1. First you need to go to the message in which you received the group joining link.
  2. After having the joining link, Tap on that link. When you Tap the link, a new pop up will appear on screen.
  3. Here you’ll see the group name and the members of the group. On this page you will find a red join group button.

By clicking on this button you can join the group directly and start messaging in the group.

Is it safe to join a whatsapp group link?

If a friend or family has sent you a group joining link in your WhatsApp. Then you should join the group without thinking so much. But in case you have a group joining link from some unknown source on your whatsapp.

Then before joining the group, check that link carefully whether it’s a scam or not. By sending this type of joining link company easily gets all the information through your number.

So by keeping precaution, you can keep your privacy safe.

Why is Some of the WhatsApp Group Link Not Working?

People oftenly found that WhatsApp group joining links is not working. Because it may happen that the person who sent you the WhatsApp group joining link may not have copied the link correctly.

In that case the link is incomplete, that is the reason why the link is not working.

How to Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link?

If you want to make a group, then creating a WhatsApp group invitation link to add members in that group can be a good choice for you. Creating a group invitation link is a very easy task. But only the Admin can create WhatsApp group invitation links.

If you are the admin and want to create a WhatsApp group invitation link. then go to the group and tap the name of that WhatsApp group then a new page will appear in which you can see a “invite via link” option, click in it.

A page will be open with the link and many options like send link via WhatsApp, copy link, share link. just copy the link and send that link to the people whom you want to join the group.

Here is the official guide about creating a group.

Where to Find Active WhatsApp Group Link?

There are so many websites on the internet which provide you with abundant active group links. You will find a variety of group links of different interests like sports, entertainment, fashion, food, relationship goals, motivational groups and so many.

In these website you will find a variety of WhatsApp group links which you can join by only one click.

How to Delete WhatsApp Group?

If you are the admin of any group and don’t want to let your WhatsApp group active. Then you can easily delete the WhatsApp group.

First tap the subject of your group then you’ll see the members of your group. Remove every member from that group.

Now you also Tap on the “exit group” button to exit the group. After exiting from the group you will see a “Delete group” button, just tap the button to delete the WhatsApp group.

How to Leave From a WhatsApp Group?

If you don’t want to be a member of a group anymore or you get exhausted by so many messages which come in a group then you can easily leave the group. For leaving the group, open the group first then click on the three dots appear on the top right side of your screen.

After that click on the “more” button there you will see a “exit group” option. Tap the “exit group” option, after clicking on that option you are no longer a member of that group.

Or you can tap the name of the group then scroll a little, you will find a red ” Group Exit” button. Tap that button to leave the group.

How can I reset links?

Many times it happens that the WhatsApp group inviting link has not been working. Because people are having trouble joining groups using that joining link.

In this case, you can reset the WhatsApp group joining link anytime. To reset your group link, Tap the name of a group then tap the “invite via link” option. When you click that link you will find a “reset link” option.

Tap that option to reset your link. When you click that option then a notification will pop up Tap on Reset link button which is showing in notification.

Now your group joining link has been reset.

How to find my whatsapp group link?

If you want to share your WhatsApp group link but you fail to find the group joining link of your WhatsApp group then “Tap ” is the subject of your group. Now click on the “invite via link”.

There you will see the joining link of the group, now copy the link and share that link to anyone you want to be the member of your group.

Where can I get whatsapp group links?

So many people are always looking for a group link, which is active or you can say the link is working. There are many such websites on the Internet, in which you get joining links of every type of WhatsApp group. You can find Earn money WhatsApp group, girls WhatsApp group, boys WhatsApp group, Entertainment, Sports and many more.

To get this type of joining link go to your phone browser. Then type “Active whatsapp group link 2021” in the search bar and then search. You will get many results, tap on a website where you will find thousands of group links which are totally active.

So friends, thanks for reading this article, we hope now you have got links of many useful WhatsApp Group Links. If you find this article helpful don’t forget to shareit on social media.